The Northwest's CHSR Speed Route               

 Sustainable Transportation for our Northwest People with different Train Types and Interconnect Ability            


How do we get from point A to point B in the most efficient manner possible?

How do we get people out of gridlockand on the move again?

For starters, intelligent traffic control systems contribute to helping traffic flow. They reduce fuel consumption, air pollution, and noise.

In addition, we need the CHSR for people moving to solve traffic bottlenecks and help to make transit more pleasant.


General; this website has detailed planes for the respective section's of the entire CHSR route between Eugene OR and Everett WA.

The first phase to construct will be from Portland to Seattle and upcomming to Eugene and Vancouver BC.

Travel time between Portland and Seattle is 100 Minutes under this route layout proposal.

Let us do great and useful Civil Engineering for our own Country and its Citizens again!

Our Citizens need to be sufficiently educated so they can elect the proper politicians and provide the craft's do this great work...

Perhaps we need to return to "Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno" (In Latin) and not so much profit oriented selfishness.

Rudy Niederer

Political Tasks 

Our Nation does need sober heads in government again.

Legislator's which can promote functioning solutions to national problems and its needs.

The focus must be again; as the constitution has named, to provide for the common welfare of the Nation.

So, this does obviously also address the transportation sector for our Nation. Our Highways are congested and many of the rail-routes are from the 19th century.

We must upgrade this antique rail system to the 21st century.

We must do this work in an cooperative and cohesive way.

Fragmentation by States can not achieve any good results. We built the Interstate in an coordinated way!

That means, the whole Northwest Corridor must form an Interstate Team with the effort to attain solid results to construct this CHSR plan.

People, the time is now!

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