The cascadia high speed rail
Vancouver WA to Rose Quarter OR - Rose Quarter to                                 Tualatin - Tualatin to Eugene OR                                                                                  Vancouver WA to tacoma/Seattle  and Everett Wa





The Multi-Modal Bridge across the Columbia River  and the Route of the Cascadia High Speed Rail (CHSR) with the new multi-modal Bridge that will cross the Columbia River downstream of the I-5 Bridge and the new Motorway interchanges at 4th Plain Blvd, Marine Drive, Columbia Blvd.- HWY 30 and upcomming HWY 217/26                    HSR + HWY 217 PP Final_04.pdf

Video with Logo                       created by AMA and Travis' work         HSR Video with

Hayden Island Auxiliary Bridge                                                   HSR-CRC Haiden Island Auxiliary Bridge Interchanges.pdf     

New -  Des. by R.N.

Revised Crude Oil Tank Car Design Tank Car.pd

Testimony befor the CRC Legistlative Oversight Commitiee                 Testimony before the CRC Legislative Oversight Committee.pptx

Portland to Tualatin Southern Route                                HSR RQ_South_02_public.pdf

Portland to Tualatin Northern Route                                       HSR The Northern Alternative CHSR Route.pdf

Tualatin to Woodburn Route HSR Woodburn.pdf

CHSR in the State of Washington                         WA HSR_2013_05.pdf    

Kelso to Olympia/Lacey  section                                      WA CHSR Route on Google Map.pdf                  

Lakewood to Olympia/Lacey Section                                      HSR Lakewood to Lacey WA.pdf

Lakewood to Seattle Section updated 4/21/2014                              HSR Lakewood to Seattle.pdf

Seattle Station Area  updated 5/03/2014                   HSR_Seattle Station.pdf

Seattle to Everett Section updated 4/19/2014     HSR_Seattle toEverett.pdf

CHSR Eugene OR Terminus HSR Eugene Terminus.pdf

Indisputable Northwest High Speed Rail - Text explanation                Indisputable Northwest High Speed Rail_02.pdf

Over Passes                            Over Passes.pdf

Perspective of the visionary section Vancouver/North Portland                              HSR M M_Br. Perspective_Vancouver_04.pdf

Perspective of the visionary CHSR section between Columbia Blvd and Portland Rose Quarter                                   HSR RQNorth.pdf

CHSR Vancouver WA and North to Kelso Route Layout Vancouver WA and North.pptx_3.pdf

Tunneling along the CHSR  Typical route layouts          HSR Salem Hill_03 pass.pdf                      

The Washington DC HSR Planning Videos and in other Places

 Flyover Bridge Construction in Switzerland                

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Details in different formates  are available from Seattle WA to Eugene OR